OPEN BOOK Hour Session with Liana - NoLA November 2010

Liana's known for being an "Open Book" when teaching. To date she has taught over 25 Photo Biz Boot Camps in the USA and abroad. She is one of the only working wedding and portrait photographers who teaches managerial accounting and finance to other creative entrepreneurs, based on the principals taught at PPA & Harvard, in a small group environment.

WHEN: OPEN BOOK sessions are available between 10AM and 5PM on Monday November 8, 2010 and Friday November 12, 2010. If you are not available during these scheduled times you may contact Liana directly (liana @ to see if another time/date would be available. These are scheduled first-come-first-serve so you are asked to schedule your time during checkout but we may need to adjust if two people register at once!

WHERE: New Orleans, LA at or near the Astor Crown Plaza

WHAT: Spend an hour with Liana in this OPEN BOOK session where you PLUS ONE FRIEND (or business partner, spouse, PartnerCon roommate, etc) can get answers to any of your questions and work on areas in the realm of business and photography. Liana's specialty is business and the "numbers" but topics may include really anything you need help with the most! Here's a list of ideas:

1. Numbers - Creating a personal budget salary goal, general expense budgets, projecting your sessions and sales, making sure you are charging enough, advanced analysis.

2. Pricing for Profit - Make sure you're priced right and making enough money off of every product and service sold. Packaging & bundling strategies.

3. Sales - How to improve on phone, email, and in-person sales. Selling luxury items in a tough economy.

4. Immediate Marketing - How to integrate marketing strategies into your existing workflow and client experience so you are not having to spend thousands of dollars on ads and traditional marketing methods that do not bring as much return on investment.

5. Workflow & Business Housekeeping - Making sure you have a system in place and are set up correctly so you're not penalized later in the case of an emergency (or tax bill due).

6. How to bake the best Butterfinger cupcakes while doing cheesy 80's dance moves. Okay, kidding about this, but really we can talk about or work on what you all will benefit the most from!

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